“In my estimation Mel Ming has influenced more leaders and organizations than any person I know. He is an outstanding thinker and communicator and coaches others toward excellence. Mel is able to break down complicated principles and systems to simple steps anyone can understand. He can take you or your organization from where you are to where you want to be, and to new levels of leadership you may not have even imagined.”
Don Detrick, Secretary Treasurer, Northwest Ministry Network

“Dr. Mel Ming is one of the most insightful church leaders I have had the privilege of meeting.  He and Steve Mills have developed the best church revitalization process I have seen in my forty years of ministry!   Leadership Development Resources truly helps churches become healthy, effective, growing congregations.  I use their materials in the Potomac District Assemblies of God and highly recommend them.”
J. Gary Butler, Assistant To the District Superintendent For Church Health and Revitalization, Potomac District

“If you are looking for a quick-fix, one-size-fits-all formula for church growth, you will not be happy with LDR. However, if you are looking for a vehicle to help you develop a healthy church and a winning team, LDR is just the ticket. I would describe LDR as a process of discovery, design, and implementation in which a church leadership team rethinks the functions of a New Testament church within a twenty-first century context. It is a process that is thoroughly anchored in the Word and intentionally committed to missional principles. At the end of the two year journey, a church that works the process will end up with a “playbook” for effectively advancing Christ’s mission in their local context and around the world.”
Boyd Powers, Secretary Treasurer, Oregon Ministry Network

“We have found LDR  to be a tremendous catalyst for our churches to redefine their role in the Missio Dei as it relates to their community.  The process helps a church learn how they can passionately engage the un-churched with an intentional strategy prayerfully developed by a strong leadership team.  While not a quick fix, the entire LDR process does help the church’s focus, intensity, health, purpose, and effectiveness to rise exponentially.”
Phil Wall, Georgia Missions Director

Dr. Ming is a tremendous and very intuitive consultant for church systems and growth. He develops concepts and processes to correct dysfunctional church systems and brings functionality to the process. I highly recommend him for consulting and developing a coaching environment in your organization.
Ken Draughon, Superintendent of the Alabama District

Dr. Ming has been an incredible resource for our ministry network. All of his efforts through Leadership Development Resources have been excellent. We will continue to look to Dr. Ming as a consultant throughout Wisconsin/ Northern Michigan
Mark Kilcoyne, Director of Discipleship for the Wisconsin Northern Michigan District