“Our team has been thrilled with the results of working with Mel and Steve.  They brought expertise, tools, and a plan that was customized to fit who we are and the mission God has called us to.  We are now working smarter in order to reach our kingdom potential.”
Doug Heisel, Senior Pastor, New Life Church, Alamo, CA

“Allow me to say a few words about the benefit we received from Mel Ming and Steve Mills’ process and teaching. Like many of your churches, Life Center has a proud history. After 90 years of ministry under seven pastors we felt like it was time to take a good look not only at what we were doing, but who we are now and how we were going to reach our community. Mel and Steve were thoughtful, provocative and encouraging every step along the way. The process made us a better pastoral team and gave us more clarity as a church. It also gave me more confidence as a leader and I am grateful.”
Dean Curry, Senior Pastor, Life Center, Tacoma, WA

“It has been a great process for the church I pastor.  I have been in cohorts for nearly two years and it has revolutionized the way we do church.  I have an amazing team of lay people who have been a part of the process and they have really stepped up to “the plate”.  We have more teams and more people involved in ministry than at any other time in my previous 11 years of ministry.  People are finally starting to get what ministry looks like as well as the process in taking an unchurched person from non-believer to serving Christian.  While we have not seen huge numbers coming to Christ, our numbers last year were higher than the year before.”
Terrence King, Faith Assembly, Lexington, VA

“The process that the team from LDR led us through gave us the tools we needed to develop and sustain the unique vision God has for us. I believe it is a vital component to our 10 years of consecutive growth.”
Cal Carpenter, Lead Pastor, Sound Life Church, Tacoma, WA

“Dr. Ming has worked with our staff on several occasions and has helped us overcome hurdles in our strategic development. I highly recommend his services as a coach and consultant.”
Kent Mankins, Pastor Valley Assembly, Spokane, WA

“Over the last several years Leadership Development Resources has been a critical part for training of our core leadership team.  Through the process they laid out for us, we have taken major steps in defining who we are and what we should do as a church in regards to style of ministry.  I can’t imagine where we would be without their assistance. Leadership Development Resources isn’t for everyone. If you don’t want to reach your community, if you don’t want to see your church family spiritually mature, and if you could care less about leadership development then LDR isn’t for you. But if there is passion for the lost, passion for spiritual growth and for leadership development for the next generation then LDR is for you.”
Mike Axton, Pastor Emeritus, Brooklake Community Church, Federal Way, WA