“Mel is a brilliant processor of information who has the capacity to communicate huge concepts in bite-sized pieces. His committment to leadership development, his tireless dedication and his incredible capacity to give of himself and his knowledge to others makes him a very rare and treasured resource.”
Ron Kuest, Principal, The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training, MBG Management Services, Inc.

“Mel Ming is a gifted consultant and coach. His understanding of organizational systems is unsurpassed. Add to it his grasp of what essentials a leader needs to achieve excellence and I guarantee you will not be disappointed after working with him.”
Sam Farina, Trainer for the Assemblies of God Coaches Network

“Mel is a superior executive and organizational coach. His mastery of the current trends, authors, and published works on leadership, organizational development and other related topics is relevant and lends itself to his exceptional value as a resource in these areas. In addition to excellence in marketplace leadership and organizational performance, Mel is a leading authority on the healthy church and effective pastoral leadership. For more than a decade, I have trusted Mel’s counsel and benefited from his astute executive and organizational insights. The resources produced by Mel’s company have provided significant value to the organizations I have led. Without reservation I highly recommend Mel Ming.”
Dr. Tim Hager, Certified Behavior Specialist, Summit Leadership Group, LLC