“Mel Ming is, in my estimation, one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet regarding personal and organizational leadership and their relationship to the church. No one I know is more well-read on these subjects, nor speaks about them with such insight and wisdom. If you have a chance to sit in on any of Mel’s teaching sessions, you will be much better off having done so.”
Dr. Randy Walls, Director of Continuing Education, AGTS

Mel is a visionary and strategist of the highest order. His ability to grasp the structure of an organization and do strategic vision-casting and planning is truly incredible. He is able to get to the core of issues and is sensitive to the culture of the group, but not overly sentimental to the point of sacrificing progress and needed change. He is multi-talented, has a keen intellect, enjoys learning and research, and I will always expect him to be leading rather than simply following as part of the masses. If you need organizational help and clarification of mission, Mel Ming is my first choice.
Dr. Waldemar Kowlaski, Professor of Bible and Theology at Northwest University

“Mel Ming is extremely competent and delivers advanced training in organizational leadership. He is thorough and always well prepared. He is exceptional to work with, highly ethical and very much a team player. Mel is a visionary as well as strategic – two traits that are not often paired in one person. In addition, Mel has outstanding social skills – he can adapt to any type of environment or people group easily. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Mel will be greatly enriched.”
Dr. Ava Kate Oleson, Doctor of Ministry Program Coordinator, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

“Dr. Ming has been a friend and mentor for a decade now assisting me with personal leadership development, as well as, organizational leadership development. He was personally involved in assisting our church leadership team double the size of our congregation in 1-2 years. He was also a professor of mine in the Doctor of Ministry program at AGTS. His insights and personal mentoring have had a dramatic positive impact on my life and leadershp. I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without the excellent mentorship that Dr. Ming and his wife have given me over the years. I highly recommend Dr. Ming to your organization, confident that he will be a value-added partner to your leadership endeavors.”
Dr. Steve Smallwood, Theology Professor, Evangel University

“J. Melvyn Ming is a gift to organizational development, restructuring, and strategy for both secular and church organizations. His sense of timing, knowledge of healthy versus unhealthy companies/churches, as well as how to implement healthy change is unique in this challenging day.”
Dr. Wayde Goodall, Dean, Northwest University