What’s Next?


Recently I visited Catalyst Church in Colfax. This is a large church in a small town.In their lobby they had a display on “What’s Next?” The display included seven brochures:

#1 “What’s Next?” — A brochure that identified 7 steps to growth

#2 “Vital Gatherings” — A brochure about their small groups

#3 “Ministry Teams” — How to get connected to a ministry team

#4 “Who is Jesus?” – About their small group called “Starting Point”

#5 “Water Baptism” – How to sign up for Water Baptism

#6 “Membership” – How to become a member

#7 “Pursuing God’s Dream” – How to discover your purpose

I thought it was a great idea and something that many other churches should consider developing. It made it very clear to a person how to move forward in their faith.