The proven LDR Church Coaching Process enables churches to achieve results that matter.


  1. Mission — What is God leading us to do? What is our mission?
  2. Core Values and Culture — Who has God shaped us to be?
  3. Church Functions and Purposes — Based on Scripture, why do we exist as a church? What are the functions of God’s Church? What are the systems in a New Testament Church?
  4. Congregational Realities — Who are we now? Who makes up our church? What are we like?
  5. Community Context — What is our community like? Who makes up our ministry area? What are the local unchurched people like? Who is God calling us to reach?

Design & Implementation

  1. Reaching our Neighbors – Evangelism System
  2. Connecting in Community –Assimilation & Retention System
  3. Growing in Christ-likeness – Christian Formation System
  4. Making Gatherings Transformational – Worship System
  5. Developing Servant Leaders – Ministry System
  6. Building a Missional Organization – Structure Systems

Using the Church Coaching Process will move the church toward health and results that matter.