Many churches do a lot of things right, but often

  • They have ministries, programs and parts that do not work well together
  • They are missing or under-performing in key systems
  • They are unsure how to step up to the next level in effectiveness
  • Their organizational structure is hindering reaching the next level of growth

Many coaches do an excellent job of working with individuals as life coaches, leadership coaches and executive coaches. But their approaches are not designed for working with churches, teams and other complex organizations. This is what sets LDR apart from most coaching-consulting companies. We focus on the entire organization.

LDR is a premier coaching-consultant company that focuses on working with successful churches and organizations that want great results.

Our approach

  • Helps organizations achieve results that really matter
  • Is Biblical and systems based
  • Builds alignment and congruity throughout the entire organization
  • Is based on a collaborative approach

We do not think one approach or model fits all. Therefore we guide our clients in discovering what will work best for them in their situation.

If you want comprehensive long term transformation for your organization, rather than band-aid or simplistic solutions, LDR will be a great fit.