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Mel Ming

Coach, Consultant & Trainer

Mel is a founding partner and coach-consultant with Leadership Development Resources LLC. He has served as a pastor, missionary, seminary and university administrator and professor and denominational district official.


Steve Mills

Coach, Consultant & Trainer

Steve is a founding partner of Leadership Development Resources, LLC and an Assistant Professor in the College of Ministry for Northwest University in Kirkland, WA.

Our team has been thrilled with the results of working with Mel and Steve. They brought expertise, tools, and a plan that was customized to fit who we are and the mission God has called us to. We are now working smarter in order to reach our kingdom potential.
Doug Heisel, Senior Pastor, New Life Church, Alamo, CA


We provide organizational and leadership coaching and consulting with a proven track record of producing growth and results.

Our coach training process has equipped more than 200 coaches working in a variety of leadership and ministry contexts.

We provide a variety of training resources focused on empowering leaders and organizations to get results that matter.

Mel is a brilliant processor of information who has the capacity to communicate huge concepts in bite-sized pieces. His committment to leadership development, his tireless dedication and his incredible capacity to give of himself and his knowledge to others makes him a very rare and treasured resource.
Ron Kuest, Principal, The Institute for Spiritual Leadership Training, MBG Management Services, Inc.
If you are looking for a quick-fix, one-size-fits-all formula for church growth, you will not be happy with LDR. However, if you are looking for a vehicle to help you develop a healthy church and a winning team, LDR is just the ticket. I would describe LDR as a process of discovery, design, and implementation in which a church leadership team rethinks the functions of a New Testament church within a twenty-first century context. It is a process that is thoroughly anchored in the Word and intentionally committed to missional principles. At the end of the two year journey, a church that works the process will end up with a “playbook” for effectively advancing Christ’s mission in their local context and around the world.
Boyd Powers, Secretary Treasurer, Oregon Ministry Network