Seasons of Life

Age is a wonderful thing. It gives you a chance to reflect over the seasons of your life. I think these have been the major seasons for me. Discover I think for me this was high school and college. I had to figure out what mattered to me and what the options might be. This […]

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Developing Others

I believe one of the most important roles and responsibilities of a leader is to develop their followers and others God brings them into relationship with. As I look around I see many leaders who are glad to use people, but see no responsibility for developing them. It seems the roles described in Ephesians 4 […]

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Planning Events and Training

I was reading an article by Bob Pike in Training Magazine, and thought he had some great insights. When considering an event or training, start with Questions: Why do we want to do this anyway? What do we expect to be achieved? How will this help people do their jobs faster, better, easier? What benefits […]

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