Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

We have all heard the illustration, when we look at a half glass of water, “is it half full or half empty?”  The point of the illustration is that our perspective changes how we view things. We might see the positive, it is half full and be optimistic. Or we can see the negative, it […]

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Is it Time to Repeat a Church Development Process?

Over time, people and organizations tend to lose focus, clarity, and conviction. Christians who do not take time with God to refocus and refresh become unfruitful and atrophy spiritually. The same is true of churches. A periodic Church Development Process realigns and refocuses a congregation to have clarity and conviction about God’s direction. Some of […]

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Seasons of Life

Age is a wonderful thing. It gives you a chance to reflect over the seasons of your life. I think these have been the major seasons for me. Discover I think for me this was high school and college. I had to figure out what mattered to me and what the options might be. This […]

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